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Kegonsa Seed Fund I, LP is Wisconsin's premier seed venture capital fund. The Fund is managed by Kegonsa Capital Partners, LLC, a Wisconsin-based venture capital management firm.

The primary Fund objective is investor IRR determined by GAAP and benchmarked to Cambridge and Associates venture capital index see Cambridge and Associates venture capital index.

On January 15, 2010, the Kegonsa Seed Fund completed its investment period; at this time, the Fund is no longer making investments in new portfolio companies.

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Ongoing Investments


Investment Strategy

KCP employs a Money for Minnows© investment strategy. The goal of the Money for Minnows© strategy is to obtain the national average investor return for each venture investment segment by increasing new company creation. Investor risk is minimized by investing venture capital across diverse industries, technologies, and geographies. See About Money for Minnows©

Investor Return

KCP uses the Cambridge and Associates venture capital index as a benchmark for the Kegonsa managed funds, see Cambridge and Associates venture capital index.

The Kegonsa Seed Fund returned all of the investor's capital contributions to the Fund by the seventh year of operation, has had three portfolio companies acquired and provided Limited Partners an annual internal return exceeding 20% based on GAAP.

In October 2007, the Fund experienced its first liquidity event when Jellyfish.com, a Fund portfolio company, was purchased for cash by Microsoft.

In May 2012, the Fund experienced its second liquidity event when Intelligent BioSystems, Inc., a Fund portfolio company, was purchased by Qiagen.

In June 2014, a third Fund portfolio company Idle Free systems was acquired for cash.

The Fund's investment period ended January 15, 2010. Currently Brazen, NanoMedex, Networked Insights and Semba Biosciences are continuing to grow their businesses.

About Money for Minnows©

Money for Minnow© is an investment strategy to deliver superior investor returns by typically being the first investor in a NewCo, many times participating in creating a new company and recruiting NewCo management, and investing in portfolio companies with financial plans that result in investor returns equal to or exceeding national averages with exit values of $25 to $50MM.

Money for Minnows is in contrast to the Whale Hunting management strategy. The primary goal of Whale Hunting is to deliver superior returns by investing in select companies, often in targeted technologies. This strategy is based on the assumption that these select companies will be the big winners in their market. Fund managers employing this strategy make multiple and typically increasing dollar amount investments in the select companies. The attached paper provides data on funds employing this investment strategy.

Click to download and share a PDF white paper about the Money for Minnows strategy.

About Kegonsa Capital Partners

Kegonsa Capital Partners, LLC is the general partner of the Kegonsa Seed Fund I, LP, the premier Wisconsin seed venture capital fund, the managing member of Kegonsa Coinvest Fund, LLC, a Wisconsin-based growth stage venture capital fund and with partner Sun Mountain Capital, LLC, a Santa Fe venture capital fund manager, the manager of the Badger Fund of Funds I, LP, a Wisconsin based fund of funds focused on investing in seed and early stage Wisconsin venture capital funds.

The primary objective of Kegonsa managed funds is Limited Partner IRR benchmarked to Cambridge and Associates venture capital index. See Cambridge and Associates venture capital index. by employing a Money for Minnows© investment strategy.