Kegonsa Seed Fund

U.S. Trailmaps

Founders: Eric Antonson, Mark Voss
Managers: Andrew DeMarco (CEO), Eric Antonson (VP of Operations), Mark Voss (VP of Marketing)
Industry: GPS Mapping and Data Services
Established: 2005
Headquarters: Wausau, Wisconsin

U.S. Trailmaps, Inc. is a leading provider of GIS-derived map data for recreational trail activities. The company also develops social media communities of map users.

U.S. Trailmaps provides mapping data to leading GPS-device manufacturers. The company also provides data for map and smart phone application developers and co-develops related social media sites.

Investment History:
  • Initial funding was provided by Eric Antonson and Mark Voss, the company founders, using proceeds from an SBA loan.
  • Seed funding was provided the Kegonsa Seed Fund and angel investors.
  • The Kegonsa Coinvest Fund led the first round financing.

Company Leaders

Andrew DeMacro is CEO of U.S. Trailmaps, Inc.

Andrew has 20 years experience helping startups improve operational and financial performance. He has led three startups to financial stability, sustainable growth, and acquisition, including Analogix, which he founded in 2000 and sold to Varian, Inc. in 2007.

Eric Antonson is the co-founder and VP of Operations for U.S. Trailmaps, Inc.

Eric has an extensive background in new business development established through his experience in the heavy trucking industry. He also founded Accent Limousine service in 1990, which he sold in 1995.

Eric has a diploma in diesel technology from Madison Area Technical College.

Mark Voss is co-founder and VP of Marketing for U.S. Trailmaps, Inc.

Mark has nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, including founding and leading Voss Landscape, Inc. from its inception in 1989 through its sale in 1998.

Mark has an associate's degree in horticulture from Allegheny County Community College.