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Entrepreneur Profiles

Anil Oroskar – Co-Founder

Anil Oroskar, Ph.D., invented the technology behind Semba Biosciences, Inc. and is the company's co-founder.

Anil also co-founded Orochem Technologies, which serves the biotechnology, forensics, pharmacokinetics, and drug discovery industries. He also served previously served as UOP's manager of Separation Processes.

Anil has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Bradley Glenn – Founder, Inventor, Board Member

Bradley Glenn, M.D., is the founder of Stealth Therapeutics, Inc. He currently serves as the company's Board of Directors.

Bradley is a board certified Interventional Radiologist. Before founding Stealth Therapeutics, he successfully licensed patents for his previous medical inventions to Johnson & Johnson.

Dan Neely – Founder, CEO

Dan Neely founded Networked Insights, Inc. and serves as the company's CEO.

Prior to founding Networked Insights, Dan was part of the founding team of He also co-founded and subsequently sold Market Performance Partners and served as the Director of Strategy for Scient, which went public in 1999.

Dan has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia.

Eric Antonson – Co-Founder, VP of Operations

Eric Antonson is the co-founder and VP of Operations for U.S. Trailmaps, Inc.

Eric has an extensive background in new business development established through his experience in the heavy trucking industry. He also founded Accent Limousine service in 1990, which he sold in 1995.

Eric has a diploma in diesel technology from Madison Area Technical College.

Jingyue Ju, Ph.D. – Co-Founder, Inventor

Jingyue Ju, Ph.D. invented the technology behind IBSI and co-founded the company.

Jingyue is the inventor on 19 patents—including two previous commercial successes—and author of 60 peer reviewed publications.

Jingyue has a Ph.D. in bio-organic chemistry from the University of Southern California.

Mark Voss – Co-Founder, VP of Marketing

Mark Voss is co-founder and VP of Marketing for U.S. Trailmaps, Inc.

Mark has nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, including founding and leading Voss Landscape, Inc. from its inception in 1989 through its sale in 1998.

Mark has an associate's degree in horticulture from Allegheny County Community College.

Nickolaus Gravenstein, Donn Dennis, Tim Morey, Jerome Modell, and
Dinesh Shah – Co-Founders, Inventors

Nickolaus Gravenstein, M.D., Donn Dennis, M.D., Tim Morey, M.D., Jerome Modell, M.D. and Dinesh Shah, M.D., are the co-founders of NanoMedex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

While employed at the University of Florida-Gainesville, they invented the formulation strategy upon which the company's products are built.

Drs. Gravenstein and Morey continue to serve on NanoMedex's Board of Directors.

Penelope Trunk – Founder, Chief Evangelist

Penelope Trunk is the founder and Chief Evangelist of Brazen Careerist, Inc.

Penelope is a popular syndicated columnist and author. Her career advice appears in more than 200 newspapers and magazines, including Time, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe.

For more information about Penelope, please visit her blog, Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist.

Robert Jordan – Founder, Inventor, CTO

Robert Jordan founded Idle Free Systems, Inc. and serves as its CTO.

Before founding Idle Free, Robert was a truck driver/owner for 20 years. During that time he was honored as the 2006 "Overdrive" Trucker of the Year, 2004 Gold Medal winner of the Minnesota Inventors Congress, and awarded a U.S. Patent for one of his systems.

As CTO, Robert continues to innovate and develop patented technology for Idle Free.

Steven J. Gordon, Ph.D. – Co-Founder, CEO

Steven J. Gordon, Ph.D. is the co-founder and CEO of IBSI

Before co-founding IBSI, Steven founded and self-funded Intelligent Automation Systems, a provider of technology and products for the semiconductor, photonics, and life sciences industries. Steven led Intelligent Automation Systems from its inception in 1987 through its sale to Brooks Automation in 2002.

Steven has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from MIT.